IEEE SB Passau

Welcome to the advent calendar of the IEEE Student Branch Passau! As with a real advent calendar, this one has 24 doors, that open one by one. However, this advent calendar does not contain any chocolate, but programming tasks! Until Christmas Eve, we publish a total of 24 problems, that you can solve until the end of the year.

In contrast to a normal advent calendar, here you can win cool prices which will be published during the contest.

You wonder how all this works? That is quite simple: You can solve the programming tasks in any of the many programming languages available and upload your solution. We evaluate them with some testcases and you get points for each testcase passed. Prices are awarded to the participants with the highest overall score. Find further details in the rules. If something remains unclear, take a look at the FAQ.

We want to thank everybody supporting our advent calendar this year. Special thanks to the Lehrstuhl für Software Engineering for providing parts of their computer cluster to evaluate the submissions as well as the Zentrum für Informationstechnologie und Medienmanagement der Universität for providing the infrastructure and the webserver. We also thank msg systems, ONE LOGICCipSoft, iteratec and Micro-Epsilon for providing tasks and prices for the advent calendar.

msg systemsONE LOGICiteratecCipSoftMicro-EpsilonSEgroup

Tasks will be uploaded at 9am CET.
Additionally you can find an overview of announced maintenance work and other changes here.

Merry coding!

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Image source: "Christmas Tux 2017" by Mark Riedesel, Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)