2023-12-07: Problem 3 "HadamardCodes" is now solvable

We have fixed an issue with problem 3 "HadamardCodes", which previously prevented this problem from being solved. All previous solutions have been re-evaluated and some of them have now passed all test cases.

2023-12-05: Problems with the evaluation system fixed

Dear participants,

As you may have noticed, there were repeated problems with the evaluation system in the first few days. We apologise for these starting difficulties.

We have completely rewritten the evaluation system since last year, and the new implementation still had a few initial difficulties. Particularly with very large outputs and submissions with endless loops, various parts of the new system ran into problems.

The evaluation has been running stable again since December 4th, and all outputs that had problems so far have now been evaluated.

We wish you continued happy coding
Paul and Sven from the advent calendar team